ARG's Accelerate System

Your turn-key Marketing Department

All of ARG's client content; market updates, articles, tools, presentations, videos, shared in emails, on social media, on websites automatically!


ARG’s Accelerate System delivers:

  • More new clients and more engaged clients
  • Increased client retention and larger Share-of-Wallet
  • Quality content that matters to clients and prospects, and flies through Compliance
  • Increased credibility by demonstrating your understanding of markets and investment topics
  • Demonstrated commitment to clients by staying in-touch between conversation

Engage your clients and prospects with content delivered where they want it, how they want it, when they want it.



 ARG's Accelerate System:

  • Loads your contact list into our dedicated content distribution database
  • Creates customized communication templates with your look-and-feel, contact details, logos
  • Sends emails directly to clients and prospects
  • Updates your website's library
  • Posts to all your social media accounts
  • Summarizes marketing statistics to ensure on-going effectiveness


For your customized solution, email or call: 888-317-3877 or


We need three things:

  • Your list of clients and prospects
  • Approval of the templates ARG creates for you
  • Decisions when mailings and social media posts should go out




Sample calendars

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